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Radio Show Podcast

The Michael Medved Show – 05/22/09

Hour 1: Media bias against Christianity
Hour 2: New book: Advice to War Presidents by Angelo Codevilla
Hour 3: Open lines and movie reviews

The Michael Medved Show – 05/21/09

Hour 1: Cheney’s speech about the war on terror
Hour 2: Obama’s speech about the war on terror and ADF 1st Amendment File about abortion
Hour 3:

The Michael Medved Show – 05/20/09

Hour 1: California voters rejected raising taxes
Hour 2: Iran tested a missle
Hour 3: How should the GOP attract new voters?

The Michael Medved Show – 05/18/09

Hour 1: California voters consider many budget-related measures
Hour 2: Newt Gingrich
Hour 3: Netanyahu met with President Obama

The Michael Medved Show – 05/13/09

Hour 1: Obama’s plan for healthcare reform
Hour 2: Walt Williams discussed race and labels
Hour 3: Some are being buried in baseball tailored caskets