Radio Show

The Michael Medved Show – 05/07/09

Hour 1: Howard Dean said: “we’ve had enough capitalism in the past 8 years.”
Hour 2: ADF vs an atheist debated public prayer
Hour 3:

The Michael Medved Show – 05/06/09

Hour 1: GOP’s Big Tent
Hour 2: Congressman Shadegg discussed reforming healthcare
Hour 3: Spoke to NJ gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie

The Michael Medved Show – 05/05/09

Hour 1: Obama targets corporate tax havens
Hour 2: Rudy Giuliani
Hour 3: US military denies soldiers involved in religious conversions

The Michael Medved Show – 05/04/09

Hour 1: Carville says Democrats will dominate for years
Hour 2: Michael Fumento discussed the swine flu
Hour 3: Some men are turning away from marriage

The Michael Medved Show – 04/30/09

Hour 1: Discussed Obama’s press conf.
Hour 2: 1st Amendment File: discussed school choice cases with the ADF
Hour 3:

The Michael Medved Show – 04/29/09

Hour 1: Are we on the right or wrong track?
Hour 2: With Specter’s switch, what’s the future for the GOP
Hour 3: Hugh Hewitt

The Michael Medved Show – 04/28/09

Hour 1: Specter switches parties
Hour 2: Hundreds of gays marry in Iowa.
Hour 3: Columnist Reihan Salam discussed how Obama could fail.

The Michael Medved Show – 04/27/09

Hour 1: Obama is pushing a pay-as-you-go program.
Hour 2: Debate between David Howowitz and Cary Nelson about the book One-Party Classroom.
Hour 3: Rating the GOP’s first 100 days