Radio Show

The Michael Medved Show – 04/29/09

Hour 1: Are we on the right or wrong track?
Hour 2: With Specter’s switch, what’s the future for the GOP
Hour 3: Hugh Hewitt

The Michael Medved Show – 04/28/09

Hour 1: Specter switches parties
Hour 2: Hundreds of gays marry in Iowa.
Hour 3: Columnist Reihan Salam discussed how Obama could fail.

The Michael Medved Show – 04/27/09

Hour 1: Obama is pushing a pay-as-you-go program.
Hour 2: Debate between David Howowitz and Cary Nelson about the book One-Party Classroom.
Hour 3: Rating the GOP’s first 100 days

The Michael Medved Show – 04/24/09

Hour 1: Comparison of the first 100 days of Obama vs. Bush
Hour 2: Why are gun sales up?
Hour 3: Open lines and movie review

The Michael Medved Show – 04/22/09

Hour 1: Earth Day
Hour 2: Teenage Somali pirate faces life in prison
Hour 3: Book: I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse by Michael Franzese

The Michael Medved Show – 04/21/09

Hour 1: What should Republicans do to start winning?
Hour 2: A new study says more teens are addicted to video games.
Hour 3: Spoke with CNN’s Jack Cafferty

The Michael Medved Show – 04/20/09

Hour 1: Discussed the Republican stance on gay marriage.
Hour 2: Jon Medved discussed Iran calling Israel “most cruel and racist regime.”
Hour 3: Spoke with Joel Schwartzberg about his column Slouching Toward Fatherhood

The Michael Medved Show – 04/17/09

Hour 1: What should we do after the Tea Party rallies to fix our tax system?
Hour 2: Obama releases torture memos
Hour 3: Open lines